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Are you concerned that something may be wrong, or maybe you’ve actually received a diagnosis of infertility and you’re feeling hopeless?

Maybe you’ve just started trying to get pregnant, and you’re not worried yet, but you’re tired of getting a negative pregnancy test and you’d just like to learn what to do to get pregnant the next time you try.

I have helped many women get pregnant including those who had been given an infertility diagnosis and those who had been trying to get pregnant for many years and I’d like to help you conceive your baby, just like I’ve helped others.

Tell me what your biggest challenge is… what you think is keeping you from conceiving, and  I’ll do my best to help direct you to the information that will be most helpful for you.

Just leave me a comment below.

Best wishes,

Kirstyn Sierra,
Pregnancy Consultant


  1. James says:

    Hi Kirstyn,

    We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years i.e., from the day of getting married.

    My wife did not have period cycle for first 4 months after getting married. We thought she was pregnant. But when we consulted a medical practitioner, the result showed negative.

    She is having irregular periods till date.

    She has gone for many tests like Whole Abdomen Scan, Thyroid test and others.

    Whole Abdomen Scan showed that she has PCOS. After taking medication, now she is OK. The last scan showed No PCOS.

    Thyroid test showed that she has marginal level of thyroid in her blood. She took medicine for around 3 years.

    Took Novelon to regulate her cycles, but the doctor advised that she stop after 6 months, and the same problem returned.

    Now she is taking Homeopathy medicine to cure her problem of irregular periods. Per Homeopathy doctor’s advise, she stopped taking thyroid tablet.

    Per Homeopathy doctor’s advise, I have undergone Semen analysis test. Result showed that my sperm count and rapid movement sperms are more than enough to conceive a women.

    Now she is getting better. Last two cycles delayed a bit but it is in process.

    While browsing, we have seen your courses. It is very interesting that you give no medicine except tips and trainings.

    Please let me know the course details and also tell us the best way to conceive soon.


  2. Hello James,

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is proving to be one of the biggest causes of infertility in women. You’re fortunate in that your wife’s doctor was willing to do some tests which allowed you to find out one of the factors that was causing her irregular cycles and her inability to get pregnant.

    Thyroid is another “biggie” and as we live in an increasingly stressful environment, I believe we will see more and more people who have thyroid imbalances which contributes to infertility.

    When you mentioned that your wife had taken the drug “Novelon” for 6 months, I wasn’t surprised to hear that when she stopped this pill she had the same problem as before. I’ve heard of many women who took a contraceptive pill to regulate their cycles at their doctor’s suggestion, but they found that it didn’t correct the underlying problem. Once they went off the pill (as in your wife’s case) they were faced with irregular cycles once again.

    I’ve found that women who have taken contraceptives have certain mineral deficiencies that need to be restored in the body. I’ve also found that old hormones (like contraceptives) are often stored in the body and they often need a little “help” to be moved out (old hormones contribute to hormonal imbalance).

    Doing a light cleanse, eating fertility enhancing foods and beverages, avoiding foods that place extra stress on the reproductive system and adopting a fertility enhancing lifestyle are all important parts of reversing PCOS, balancing hormones and bringing the body into a high state of health and fertility.

    It sounds like you are definitely on the right track in that you’re now supporting the body naturally through the use of a qualified homeopathic practitioner. But if you’d like to support your practitioner’s treatments and move in the direction of hormonal balance even faster, here are a couple of suggestions.

    1. Supporting the ovaries so that the PCOS does not return is important. I would suggest that she eat according to a PCOS friendly diet, that she do a light liver cleanse, and that she avoid foods and household toxins that contribute to hormonal imbalance.

    I created The Infertility Cure: A Proven System For Getting Pregnant & Having Healthy Babies which includes a Fertility Cleanse, A Fertility Diet Plan (including recipes), and has lots of ideas on how to reduce stress which will help with bringing your wife’s hormones into balance so that her cycles will become more regular and she can conceive.

    2. If you feel that your wife would benefit from personalized help and encouragement, I offer one on one consulting where she will have her own private message board and we can be in contact every day. Having someone who will give you encouragement each day, keep you motivated and answer all your questions can be invaluable in changing the body’s energy which helps to balance hormones. I don’t know of any doctor who will take questions and personally respond to their patient’s needs every day. It’s simply not feasible for the doctor, but is SO needed by his patient.

    I have only a very few spaces available for this kind of consulting but if you’re highly interested and motivated to help your wife conceive I do offer this option. (If you get to the page and it’s sold out, you will have the opportunity to sign up to be notified when space is available again.)

    If you have any other questions about either of the resources I’ve suggested feel free to let me know.

    I look forward to working with you to bring a little one into your life in 2011.

    May you be blessed with a child,

    Kirstyn Sierra,
    Pregnancy Consultant

    Disclaimer: All information is purely the views of the author and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor or health care provider before choosing to follow any course of action presented here.

  3. Roselyn Subramanian says:

    Hi Kirstyn,

    This is Roselyn and I wanted to thank you for responding so quickly to my husband’s note (my husband is James). After reviewing your response and the programs you offer …

    I could really use your encouragement each day.

    I would like a personalized plan to help my body become fertile as fast as possible.

    I have consulted many doctors for 4 years. Still I am in same condition. It is disturbing my personal life. I never show this to my husband. It is my personal feeling. After seeing your programs, again I am in some hopeful. Because we have taken many medicine, nothing helpful to cure my infertility. But yours are completely dealing with tips and training. So I am excited. I think we were not aware of this earlier. Your programs are simple, but we tried hard for so many years. If I had seen your program two years back, I would have an one year baby in my hands. I am very thankful to you having these programs.

    I have registered for your One-On-One Consulting course, and have started reading the lessons in the Infertility Cure System. I filled out the 10 page intake questionnaire and sent it to you this evening.

    Awaiting for your reply with review of my questionnaire.


  4. Kirstyn Sierra says:

    Hi Roselyn,

    I received your questionnaire and have started reviewing it. I’m excited because I already see a lot of areas that we can work on to help balance your hormones so that you can regulate your cycles and conceive much faster.

    Thank you for trusting me to help you in your journey to becoming a mother. I’ll be in touch soon with a personalized plan.

    May you be richly blessed,

    Kirstyn Sierra,
    Pregnancy Consultant

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