A Christmas Wish

A few days before Christmas, a woman called our home and left a message… something about the fact that she was a single mother of 4 who didn’t have any Christmas presents for her children and she was interested in a gift basket or some food.

At first I thought it a bit odd for her to leave a message like that, but then I remembered that our phone number is only one digit off from one of the local churches and I had a hunch that this woman was trying to reach the church.

I called back to let her know that she had left a message at the wrong number and I then I remembered a story that I had read a few years ago about a young girl who had learned of a family that didn’t have any Christmas gifts for their children. This child decided she wanted to take all of the money she had in savings (which was just a few dollars and cents) to buy a gift for one of the children in that family.

When the girl’s mother told her co-workers what her daughter was doing, they wanted to be a part of it too.  They donated some money, then friends and family learned about it and they gave too. On Christmas Eve the little girl sat down to count out how much money she had been given and it came to over $100.  Her mother took her shopping and she wrapped each package with love. They delivered the gifts on Christmas Day and the family was moved to tears when she showed up with a car full of beautifully wrapped packages.

So as I told the mother on the phone that she had reached the wrong number, I thought to myself that my children and I should do whatever we could to make this Christmas special for this mother and her four children. I asked for her children’s ages and her address and I told her I would see what I could do.  She was surprised that a complete stranger would offer to help her and she thanked me with a spoken blessing.

I told my children about this and asked if they would like to take some of their money from savings, and purchase gifts for the children in this family.  They all agreed and were very excited.  Before we headed to the store, I posted this need to our local freecyle group in case there was anyone there who wanted the opportunity to help this family.

So off we went to do our shopping, and before I got home, I had 4 responses from freecycle with offers of food (including home canned jams and a 13 lb. turkey), sundries, candles, toys for the children, wrapping paper and more.  I was amazed by the outpouring of these 4 families.

I got home, had a quick bite to eat, sent the neighbor across the street a quick e-mail asking if she was interested in helping us wrap gifts for the family, and then out I went to make 3 pick-ups.  On the way home I stopped at a neighbors and she donated some items too.  The back of my car was overflowing with gifts for this family.

The next morning my neighbor came over and helped us wrap all the gifts.  My living room was full of presents, bags of food, toothbrushes, tooth paste, zip lock bags, tissue, napkins, and more.  One Grandma and her Grand Daughter donated a frozen turkey (among other things), and another Grandma and her Daughter worked to put together 5 stockings full of blankets and goodies.  A mother of 5 (not me) sent boxes of freshly canned jams, relish, and salsa along with new toys, sundries and wrapping paper.  Another Grandma gave zip lock bags, snacks and more.  I can’t remember all that everyone gave because the outpouring was so large.

My children and I dropped everything off at this family’s house and as we kept making more and more trips to the car, the mother broke down in tears.  The tears were a release of anxiety coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed as she had no idea I would be dropping off so much.

She gave me a long hug and I could feel her body shaking as she cried.  Then she said, “I just couldn’t do it this year…” to which I responded, “and all from a wrong phone number”.

“But it wasn’t the wrong phone number.” she said, “it was the right phone number”.

God knew that He wanted her to dial my number, and that’s why she wrote down the wrong number for the church.

I’m very thankful for everyone who blessed this family with their time and resources.  Your gifts were greatly appreciated by this mother and her four children.

With warm holiday wishes,

Kirstyn Sierra

P.S.  Do you know what the first Christmas gift was?  The first gift of Christmas was… a child.


  1. Brenda says:

    Thank you for sharing the story about the mother who needed help. I was very glad to help, just wish I could have done more.

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