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Sometimes you just want a medical professional who can answer your medical questions.  Sometimes you’ll need a practitioner familiar with natural remedies to tell you how how much omega 3 fatty acids to take each day.

Well here’s the affordable resource you need!

Please consider posing your questions to one of the practitioners at JustAnswer. Their prices are less than you’d pay for a doctor visit  and the feedback I’ve seen for the medical practitioners has been exceptional. Plus you don’t pay unless you’re satisfied.

Any questions related to drugs or medications should be answered by a licensed practitioner, including questions regarding how much of a particular medication to take.

If you have questions about a particular herb or supplement please ask a licensed practitioner familiar with natural remedies. Remember that often times a therapeutic dose will be much higher than what the label recommends. Please be sure to ask a licensed practitioner these types of questions as I cannot legally prescribe.

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